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 My History.... Im not coppying im Wrighting

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Max Nazuka
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Co-Owner/Nazuka/Desert Eagle Leader/Hottest & Coolest Person in School
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PostSubject: My History.... Im not coppying im Wrighting   Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:49 pm

Without words, Without fear, Without death, Without tears..... Skye was raised alone. At age 1 his mom and dad died... he lived in the forest with his 5 year old brother. They thought they were gonna die with no food and water. One year later... Skye was hunting for some food in the forest called : The Forest of Darkness. That night Skye saw a gigantic bear sleeping. He ran to find his brother every were. He couldn't find him. He thought he was all alone in the dark. He found no food he thought he was gonna find some food tomorrow. The next day.... he woke up laying on a silver rock. He looked around in the forest he tried to climb a tree but he fell down with blood on his hand. He screamed "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!". He didn't know nothing about that his family is murder. His brother died because he drowned in the water.... Mom and dad died because they had over aged. 5 years later. Skye was 7 years old. He still living in the forest. He found a white bright circle. Didn't no what it was. He went threw it.... it teleport him to a near by town. But in a middle of a damn street he ran to the side walk before he got hit by the blue Chevrolet. He walked in a bakery store. Everyone looked at him like hes lonely or something. Then walked out with a whole lot of money in his hand. He walked all around the nearby neighborhood. It was dark.... he had to sleep in the ground. A man and woman walked past Skye... with a sad look. Woman "I think we should take him to our home i mean adopt him" man "yes ok" man "Hello? would you like to live with us" Skye 'Sure why not". Skye followed them to there home. Man showed Skye to his room "you can sleep her". Skye walks inside it then he went to bed. The next day Skye went out his room. Then he saw a big plate with some food in it. Skye walks up to the table "Who's food is that" woman "your's" Skye starts to sit down. Skye ate the whole think in 2 minutes. He walked outside it was sunny. He walked back inside. He hands the man and woman 500 dollars "i thought you might need it" man and women "THANKS!". They were so surprised. Skye walked back outside he went to the neighborhood. Carrying a bag full of money. He went to the food shop. He went outside he lighted a smoke then started to smoke. He walked back in the house.

OOC:21 line of role play i think XD


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My History.... Im not coppying im Wrighting
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